LEGO Piñata

For our #trysomethingnewsundays I made a LEGO Piñata for my twin’s 3rd Birthday Party.  The LEGO piñata took a few hours and did require the paper mache to dry over night. Using supplies around the house, I was able to design a sturdy piñata shaped like a giant yellow LEGO that survived 19 kids hitting… Read More LEGO Piñata


Avocado Toast 3 ways

Avocado Toast done 3 ways! I’ve heard such amazing things about it.  My husband kept telling me I needed to try it, but I had yet to see it on the menus of any restaurants I’ve gone to in the last month.  So, I decided for my #trysomethingnewsundays to take matters into my own hands… Read More Avocado Toast 3 ways


Father’s Day Cards

DIY Father’s Day Cards are an easy way for your little ones to make a gift for Daddy. This card was made for our #trysomethingnewsundays. Father’s Day  is usually quite easy at my house.  I’m fortunate that my husband is happy spending the day on his hammock, reading some comic books, and enjoying a tasty… Read More Father’s Day Cards


Homemade Slime

For our #trysomethingnewsundays my 6 year old daughter wanted to try making, “slime”.  It’s been popular for a couple years but my daughter, who is in Kindergarten, just learned about it and wanted to try it.  I did a lot of research and read about the pros and cons of using borax.  With 3 little… Read More Homemade Slime