St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated every March 17th around the world. St. Patrick was a Christian Saint from Ireland that died on March 17th.    Its a celebration of Irish culture.  In America, we have a lot of fun ways we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by wearing green, drinking green beer, eating corn beef and cabbage, etc.

If you’re looking to get into the St. Patrick’s Day party ideas here are some that can be done for your job, your kid’s school, or your own personal parties.

St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas

Shamrock Cupcake/Cake Toppers

4 leaf clover cupcake toppers are a very cute and easy way to dress up your cupcake or cake for St. Patrick’s Day.  Making or buying cupcakes is easy and delicious dessert for the holiday.  You can get your pack of 24 Shamrock/4-leaf clovers cupcake toppers here on Etsy.

Check out my red velvet cupcake recipe.  You can easily add green dye instead of red to make a yummy green velvet recipe.


4 Leaf Clover Confetti

A great way to make your St. Patrick’s Day Party colorful is to add some confetti.  These green 4 leaf clover confetti with gold circles is sold in packs of 100 here on Etsy.


Shamrock Cookies & Treats

Shamrock cookies are another easy treat.  You can also use the cookie cutter on fondant or other food.

Grab your Shamrock Cookie and Fondant cutter here on Etsy.


4 Leaf Clover Candy

These 4 Leaf Clover Candy molds are perfect for party favors or treats.  All I had to do was buy some green candy melts and sticks.  I melted the candy, put the sticks in the mold and pour the candy over the sticks.  The candy was ready in an hour.

Get your mold which makes four 4 leaf clovers here on Etsy.







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