60th Anniversary Party

My Grandparents celebrated 60 years of marriage, wow! That is, like, so unheard of these day.  My mother wanted to do something special for her parents.  So about 6 months in advance we started brainstorming parties or activities. There are 16 of us and the problem is it’s hard to find a nice place to accommodate a big party, its hard to talk and move around, not to mention I had twin 1 year olds that would have had to sit still at the table, which wasn’t going to happen.

We were limited in options, we wanted to make the event nice and private.  As well as keep it a surprise.  We decided to hold the dinner in my backyard and turn it into a classy evening.


So, I had the idea of bringing in a private chef.  After some Yelp research and price checking, the meal was equivalent in cost to going to a fancy restaurant.  I booked a chef that gave us some menu options, we picked our 1st-3rd courses, we supplied the plates, silverware and kitchen, he took care of the rest (including cleaning up the kitchen!) The meal was delicious and he had a waiter to serve us.  We ate pork belly and the kids had chicken and mac and cheese. For our 4th course, dessert a really amazing baker friend of mine made us a 2 layer cake with a 60 on the front and my mom put a topper in it that said, “We still do”.

Anniversary Dinner Cake Anniversary Dinner Food


My grandparents love ballroom dancing.  For several years they danced and performed after they retired from working.  They are quite amazing dancers, in my opinion (no I’m not biased!).  So I found some ballroom dancers online.  They dance songs  together and then dance with the crowd at the end.  We started off the evening with this while enjoying appetizers.

Anniversary Dinner Entertainment


Now having a classy event in your backyard isn’t too difficult if you bring in the right items.  We setup tables on the patio, covered them with white table clothes and silver table runners.  Added framed pictures of my grandparents next to vases of red roses that my mother put together (A great place to buy flowers is Costco).  For a little spice we added stones that looked like diamonds.  Each place setting had a silver charger with a fake red rose and silverware  wrapped in a napkin.  Now we wanted to keep it classy but didn’t want to be doing dishes all night so we did use plastic plates that looked like dishes (found at Amazon or Costco) and we did use plastic grey shiny silverware that looks like real silverware.

Anniversary Dinner Table 3


Anniversay Dinner Table Setting Anniversary Dinner Table Setting 2 Anniversary Dinner Table Devor

After dancing and dinner, we ended the night around our fire pit, listening to music and telling stories.  A beautiful, personal affair.

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