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Paint Party for Kids

For my daughter’s birthday, we threw her a paint party. In the last few years I’ve been to 3 paint parties.   At these parties an artist is able to walk me through painting something that I would normally have no clue how to do.  While at an art studio with friends, I saw the place… Read More Paint Party for Kids

Crafts, Parties

LEGO Party

For my twin boys 3rd Birthday, we had a LEGO Party.  I wanted a theme that was colorful and represented something they both enjoy.  I took to Pinterest to create my board of different LEGO party ideas.  With the boys only being 3, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on decorating the… Read More LEGO Party


Tea Party Birthday

Tea Party themed birthday’s are a very fun activity for girls of all ages.  This tea party was for my 5 year old daughter going on 6. I set aside 1 hour for the girls to have their tea party.  The tea party consisted of eating, playing games, making crafts and drinking “tea”.  The rest… Read More Tea Party Birthday


Backyard Activities

Backyard activities are great in the warmer months, especially when kids are out of school. With 3 kids under 6, my days can be quite crazy.  The house is always a mess, someone is always climbing on the furniture and there is so much screaming at times that I can’t even think.  Having all 3… Read More Backyard Activities


Movie Theater Party

Movie Theater parties are a fun party theme.  It’s very relatable for guests, since most people have been to a movie theater. This party was done for my sister in law’s birthday.  My husband’s sister was born on New Year’s Day, so every year we get together to eat and hang out.  This year, I… Read More Movie Theater Party


60th Anniversary Party

My Grandparents celebrated 60 years of marriage, wow! That is, like, so unheard of these day.  My mother wanted to do something special for her parents.  So about 6 months in advance we started brainstorming parties or activities. There are 16 of us and the problem is it’s hard to find a nice place to accommodate… Read More 60th Anniversary Party


Hello Kitty Party

My husband and I always said that when our daughter turned 5 we would throw her a huge party.  We kept her alive for 5 years, lets celebrate!  It was an exciting moment for us, for her, and for all the Grandparents.  I started planning about 3 months out researching and Pinning different party ideas.… Read More Hello Kitty Party