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LEGO Party

For my twin boys 3rd Birthday, we had a LEGO Party.  I wanted a theme that was colorful and represented something they both enjoy.  I took to Pinterest to create my board of different LEGO party ideas.  With the boys only being 3, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on decorating the… Read More LEGO Party

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LEGO Marshmallow Heads

LEGO Marshmallow Heads were one of the desserts at my twin’s 3rd LEGO Birthday party.  I worked on the LEGO Marshmallow Heads the night before the party with my mother in law and sister in law.  The marshmallows took a few practice runs to get them right.  The first couple of tries the marshmallows fell… Read More LEGO Marshmallow Heads


LEGO Piñata

For our #trysomethingnewsundays I made a LEGO Piñata for my twin’s 3rd Birthday Party.  The LEGO piñata took a few hours and did require the paper mache to dry over night. Using supplies around the house, I was able to design a sturdy piñata shaped like a giant yellow LEGO that survived 19 kids hitting… Read More LEGO Piñata