Creative Side Jobs


A great way to bring in some extra cash during the year is by working various jobs that are part time and that you are able to work when your schedule allows it. We found a few job ideas that allow you flexibility or are only temporary.

Photographer-Wedding & Family

Are you great with a camera?  Wedding Photography is a huge industry.  Most weddings take place from May-September, so a great way to earn some money is to work as a photographer for a wedding.  Most couples book 6 months to a year ahead of time.  You can advertise on wedding vendor websites.  As a photographer, if you are not aren’t interested in wedding photography, you can take family pictures during the holiday season.  Many people are often looking for photos for Holiday cards so lots of pictures are taken right before Christmas. If you can take great photos and do photo editing this may be a great side job for you.

Wedding Assistant

Wedding planners often need help with the day of wedding setup but don’t need a full time employee.  If you like setting up wedding sites and receptions this may be a great seasonal job for you.  I worked with a wedding planner and two Saturdays a month I showed up and helped setup and clean up the weddings.  You usually get paid a flat fee for the day and get a tip if the happy couple likes the work that’s been done.


Can you paint?  Make jewelry?  Sew? Or have some other amazing artistic talent?  If so, you can sell your items in your free time.  You can advertise your work by showing it to family, friends, and co-workers.  You can display what you make on Social Media such as Instagram and Facebook.  Of course the ultimate crafts website is Etsy. Etsy takes a fee and there is TONS of competition but you can create your own store and it is setup to take payments, manage your orders, and shipping.  Etsy also allows you to advertise to a broader customer base.


If you have parenting experience, child care experience, or are an older sibling who watched your younger siblings you might be able to find work as a babysitter.  Many parents need someone to watch their kids on weekends or evenings.  Babysitters usually can ask higher than the minimum wage and charge additional fees per child.  So if you love kids and can keep them entertained for a few hours, this may be a good way to make extra money when you’re free.  You can talk to people you know with kids or sign up on websites like to advertise your services.

Holiday Retail Work

Of course one of the most well known seasonal jobs is retail work during the holiday season.  According to Forbes, Retailers bring in about 500 billion during the holiday season. But did you know that in addition to being a customer service representative at a retail store, they also hire recruiters for finding the seasonal work, social media assistants to provide better marketing and monitor customer satisfaction, and decorators for setting up Holiday window themes and displays?  Most of these jobs run from October-Early January.


Are you great at math? Can you teach piano?  People will pay you to teach them or their children how to do math, science, play an instrument, swim, etc.  Tutor jobs are usual have very flexible hours and are not permanent.  Take on 1 or 10 clients based on your availability.  A great way to advertise your skills is via social media, talking to friends, church, etc.

So are you ready to start your side job?

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