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Paint Party for Kids

For my daughter’s birthday, we threw her a paint party.

In the last few years I’ve been to 3 paint parties.   At these parties an artist is able to walk me through painting something that I would normally have no clue how to do.  While at an art studio with friends, I saw the place hosted birthday parties and I thought this would be a cute idea for my daughter’s 8th birthday. My daughter is a natural artist and loves drawing.  My daughter loved the idea of a paint party but decided she wanted it at our house and not at an art studio.  She wanted to be able to play and paint.  So I got to planning.

Painting Party

Paint Party Activities

The main event at the paint party was having the kids paint an ocean scene on an 8×10 canvas.  To stat we labeled every kid’s canvas with their name and gave everyone their own paint and brushes.  An instructor who teaches kid painting classes at Michaels came over and walked the kids through the paint project. 

I found super cute kid aprons on Amazon to help keep paint off the kids clothes.  Every kid wore an apron and it doubled as a party favor, since we let everyone take their apron home.  I originally was planning to buy the aprons from the Dollar Tree but I wanted something a little more sturdy and with an adjustable neck. 

Punch Piñata

I decided this year that I didn’t want to do a piñata.  We’ve done some the last few parties and it is quite a hassle having the kids stay out of harms way as a child is swinging with a stick at a paper mache box of candy.  So, after exploring Pinterest I found a “Punch Piñata”.  It allows each kids to take one turn opening their own area of the piñata and whatever is in their hole they get to keep.  This removed the possibility of someone getting hurt and allowed each kid to get an equal amount of stuff.

To construct the piñata I used these supplies:

  1. 2 thick presentation boards (I found them at Wal-Mart)
  2. Scissors
  3. Tissue Paper
  4. Cups
  5. Hot Glue
  6. Items to fill each cup with.  I used candy, hand slappers, and paint tattoos.

Since this was a painting party, we made the punch piñata look like a paint palette 

Step 1

To construct the punch piñata, I first made holes a little smaller the cup on one of the boards.  I was expecting 19 kids, so I made 20 holes.

Step 2

I took 20 cups and filled the cups with goodies.  I had all my kids help with this.  They had a great time making sure everyone got equal items.

Step 3

I cut the tissue paper into squares.  With a hot glue gun, I glued the tissue paper to the top of the cup and let it dry for 5 hours.

Step 4

I put hot glue around the rim of the cup on the tissue paper, tipped the cup upside down and attached it to the board.  Repeated this step for all cups.

Warning…Make sure to leave enough space between the holes.  I had one cup that couldn’t fit and I had to cut a new hole in the board.

Step 5

The following day, I put hot glue on the bottom of all the cups and then attached the 2nd board to the bottom of the cups.  I laid books on the board for 8 hours to make sure the board stayed attached to the cups.

That’s it you have a punch piñata.  We had the birthday girl go first and then had the kids line up smallest to tallest.  Everyone had a great time punching the hole to see what they got.  Next time, I think I’ll have one special prize in one to add some excitement to it.

Cupcake Decorating

A super cute idea for the party was to let every kid decorate their own cupcake.  Cupcakes were placed on Paint Tray Palettes that I found on Amazon with various sprinkles and skittles.  After we sang “Happy Birthday” every kid spent quite a while decorating their cupcake prior to eating.  The activity was perfect and fit right into the theme of the party.


Additionally, I decorated a cake table and the dining room table area in the house for the Paint party.  The kids painted in the backyard but I wanted to make sure the area where they ate dinner and cake matched the theme of the paint party.

For the cake table, we made cupcakes and candies in the shape of paint brushes.

The cake table had paint cans and a paint container that I bought from Home Depot.  Amazon charges almost triple for empty paint cans so its worth the drive to Home Depot.

Additionally, on the dining room table, I found a paper paint theme table cloth on Amazon. I setup small paint cans with paint brushes and setup 3 inch canvases and easels that I bought at Wal-Mart.  I also bought a 2 pack of the 3×3 easels and  mini paint palettes (as displayed on the cake) for the kids party favor bags. 

The birthday banner was made on my Cricut.

The paint party was a success.  What’s a fun birthday theme you’ve tried?

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