No Sugar Added Jam

Jam is one of my favorite ways to compliment the flavor of biscuits or a piece of toast.  I grew up eating breakfast sandwiches and biscuits with grape or strawberry jam on them.  Most of my life I’ve eaten Smucker’s brand jam.  My husband loves buying homemade jam and he asked if we could try… Read More No Sugar Added Jam


Ice Cream Cupcakes

Ice Cream Cupcakes are a play on a traditional cupcake, using melted chocolate as the holder and ice cream as the “cupcake”.  I was challenged on my Facebook page to re-create the Food Network Ice Cream Cupcake to see if it was possible.  I followed the steps in the Food Network video below and was… Read More Ice Cream Cupcakes


Eggless Potato Salad

This eggless potato salad is based off of the original Juan Pollo potato salad recipe.  Juan Pollo is a delicious fast food chicken chain in Southern California.  My husband usually isn’t a fan of any potato salad but he loves the potato salad at Juan Pollo.  Juan Pollo’s original recipe is very creamy and delicious.… Read More Eggless Potato Salad

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LEGO Marshmallow Heads

LEGO Marshmallow Heads were one of the desserts at my twin’s 3rd LEGO Birthday party.  I worked on the LEGO Marshmallow Heads the night before the party with my mother in law and sister in law.  The marshmallows took a few practice runs to get them right.  The first couple of tries the marshmallows fell… Read More LEGO Marshmallow Heads